Planting in Tanzania during Easter week 2014

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Working together with Native Masai tribesmen for the future of their villages

From April 7-24, 2014 the 2nd edition of Planting Together in Tanzanía will take place near Arusha, not too far from Mt. Kilamanjaro!
Teams will partner with and learn from the amazing tree planting projects already established by Jason Choi (watch his onsite interview!) , who helped inspire the vision of  Planting Together. Their reforestation work has recently won a national award for excellence.
Scottish team leader and executive council member Andy Kennedy says about the trip,”After an awesome time last year we have decided to go back and help serve this vision to plant 20 million trees! You should see the impact it has already made in the community. Come and join us in this true African adventure!
As well as planting trees with Masai people and at the beautiful YWAM Kilimanjaro centre, we’ll be serving KKI Arusha with staff equipping, day camps, schools work and football fun!”
“It’s not too late to join in!” says Andy. For more info, contact him at or fill out a contact form here.
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