Here is a list of some current partners and options for non-planting ministry weeks. (Family friendliness indicated by “*” with 4* being best for families.) These will be updated continually so feel free to check back later for new additions or contact us directly for latest info.


WHAT: Help establish King’s Kids in Senegal together with KKI leaders from Mali!! WHERE: Dakar and possibly Mali!! FAMILY FRIENDLY: **** TEAM PROFILE: Experienced KKI/FJ veterans ready to visit churches, stage camps and partner in developing KKI ministry in the region LANGUAGE: Need a few French speakers but could be from any nation.

NAME: YWAM Sangalkam

WHAT: Prepare grounds and stage a large children’s summer camp!! Work together with Albert and Clarice  Gomes (Senegal YWAM nat’l leaders) and team. WHERE: Sangalkam, Senegal (About 30 minutes outside Dakar) FAMILY FRIENDLY: ** TEAM PROFILE: Great for work teams and performing arts/celebration style ministry with children and teens. LANGUAGE: Best to have at least some French Speakers.

NAME: “Teen-Bi” Children and Youth Club

WHAT: Daily afternoon club for neighborhood children and teens in the heart of Dakar. Sports, crafts, domestic education and lots of love! WHERE: Dakar, Senegal TEAM PROFILE: Celebration/Performing Arts teams, children’s workers, social concern, sports… FAMILY FRIENDLY: **** LANGUAGE: French helpful, English OK, Wolof would be amazing!!

NAME: Beersheba Project

WHAT: Planting churches and building sustainable methods of agriculture and reforestation among the “Serer” tribes with young Senegalese trainees WHERE: Sandiara, Senegal (about two hours from Dakar) TEAM PROFILE: Construction, sports, families, development, teaching. FAMILY FRIENDLY: *** LANGUAGE: English, French

NAME: YWAM Niakhar

WHAT: Go village to village, following up contacts from large (5000 people) Christian camps WHERE: Near Fatick, Senegal (about 4 hours south of Dakar) TEAM PROFILE: Celebration/arts, medical, public meetings, sports, children’s ministry,…. FAMILY FRIENDLY: * LANGUAGE: Must have at least one French speaker CONTACT: Barbara Connor

NAME: Mobile Medical Clinic

WHAT: Set-up “pioneer” mobile clinic for primary care and go to villages in planting and ministry-partner zones WHERE: Various locations where other ministry teams are working TEAM PROFILE: Professional medical personnel and volunteers FAMILY FRIENDLY? * LANGUAGE: FRENCH/ENGLISH/SPANISH

NAME: Elim Ecole Emmanuel

WHAT: Massina and Milena Diatta, (Brazilian/Senegalese) lead school, sports, vocational training, lifting children and youth out of poverty and into their destiny. WHERE: Ziguinchor, Senegal (Extreme south of Senegal, about 10 hours south of Dakar) TEAM PROFILE: Worship, children’s work, celebration/arts, construction, sports, etc… FAMILY FRIENDLY: *** LANGUAGE: Portuguese, French, English