The opportunity is vast but the laborers are few so far. Is this initiative ringing bells in your heart? Then it’s time to MAKE SOME NOISE. Some ideas?

* Get the word out on your social networks using the buttons here and below other articles.

* Talk to your pastor, team leader, parents and friends. Start recruiting a team!!

* Start your own research base about reforestation and the needs of the African Sahel. Send us links to the best articles!!

*  Invite a Planting Together leader or former participant to share about their experience.

* Have a “Love Africa Night” with your church, school or small group. Serve African food and tell about the project

* Show the “Planting Together” or “Great Green Wall” video and host a discussion about how we can be good stewards of creation and how we should respond to desperate needs like these.

* Contact us for more updated info and SHOUT!