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Jean meets GGWLeaders

Jean meets GGWLeaders

As I write this, two of our executive team, Jean Gapelbe and Keith Whittaker, are now in Dakar,  meeting with government and church leaders,  facility directors, medical supervisors and many more during 8 days of advance preparations. Last night, by Skype call, Jean reported that the directors of the “Great Green Wall” project were very enthusiastic about last year’s campaign! They were especially encouraged by our medical team providing attention for more than 400 patients in a 30 km radius over 4 days last year. We have discovered that all these negotiations and arrangements must be made face-to-face the “African Way”. Three years of patient work is yielding great dividends of longterm friendships and open doors!

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Yohann talks to the nation!

Planting Together: a hit on Senegal national TV! in 2013, a news team from national Senegalese TV came out to the planting site and filmed our teams getting grimy in the fields of Mbar Toubab. We didn´t hear much more about it until now when we discovered the news item not only aired shortly after our visit, but that it now runs on average of every 10 days!! Welcome to TV stardom,  team members from 2013! If we can get the video we will post it on the next blog! The Mali KKI team is once again committed to joining with us in Planting Together this year. If you want to see what the next generation of African Leaders looks like, here’s a clip from last year during our “local church night”. Others from Ivory Coast, The Gambie, Senegal, and Togo are also planning to come. Get ready for an African party once we all arrive in Dakar on August 7! If you haven´t yet seen what happens when 50 Africans and as many non-Africans get together, check out this video of last year’s camp. If any of you can learn to dance the bent-kneed jerk you see on this piece, send us your video and we will post it!

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Thanks to our videographers!

Latest promotional video for this year’s campaign is available here. Thanks to Diego and Artur for such an outstanding job on portraying the experience of Planting Together with such skill and precision. Get registered NOW! Are you planning on coming this year? Then you should have registered you and/or your team by now. It is very important that we know who is coming to have an accurate count for camp and transportation. Please use this link to register NOW! The registration cost for your entire team is only 100€. This will go up to 150€ after the June first so NOW is the time. (Did we emphasize NOW enough??)

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